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Here’s your chance to know what your animals want to tell you

Is it really possible?

Yes, it absolutely is. The word ‘Telepathy’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Tele’ meaning distance and ‘path’ meaning feeling. Thus telepathic communication means communication through the transfer of thoughts. It is a two-way conversation using all five senses.

All species are gifted with the language of telepathy. It’s our mother tongue since we get the knowledge of telepathy from our Mother Nature. We all can have two-way conversations with any animal, plant, or any other species via transfer of thoughts and feelings. All species around us are highly sentient and intelligent.

It is a sheer honor and a privilege to listen to the wisdom they impart. All we need is an open mind and heart, and respect for them. A communication is a great tool for understanding the animals’ perspective on things. It is not a means to force or demand things from them. It is not a predictive/psychic tool and should not be confused with a ‘Reading’.

This is me. I love to listen to animals!

Akshaya V Kawle

Hello, my name is Akshaya and I love spending time with animals and understanding them better. Since the age of four, I have found solace in conversing with animals. I grew up in a joint family with cousins over ten to fourteen years older than me. So I would share my afternoons after school chatting with the cats outside. I vividly remember the conversations we had. As I grew older, my logical mind got in the way and I believed the conversations were made up in my head.

Since the year 2011, I have been working as a Communication Coach and Consultant with corporates and education institutes. Alongside I have also always been curious about intuitive abilities, so I took a keen interest in Tarot card reading and energy healing. With four animals at home, and taking care of several other strays around, I never lost my connection with animals. I have also been a regular foster parent to several rescued animals until adoption.

One day I came across a video by a senior communicator talking to a beautiful black leopard. And it all came back to me, my conversations with the cats. They were all real! I started communicating with animals intuitively. I would talk to my own pets and then would have my mother validate it for me. This was my initiation in the journey of being the Animal Communicator.

I am a perpetual learner and believe that learning is a continuous process. We need to learn, unlearn, and relearn for our own personal growth and development. With this objective, I pursued courses in animal communication with five senior communicators across the globe and still continue learning via courses, books, and most importantly every animal I speak to. They are truly my biggest teachers, mentors, and guides.

Through my communications, I intend to understand animals better, which helps me understand myself and our world better. It also aids in building a healthy bond between humans and animals. Be it a general conversation with your animal, or knowing about their behavior, or learning to communicate with your animals yourself, I would love to be a part of your journey.

Communicating with and listening to animals has completely changed my life. Here is wishing you a wonderful transformation too.

What my clients say

As a casual communicator myself, I had doubts on my readings and thus i needed confirmation. I approached Akshaya as her first animal communication was with my dog. She spoke to the animal in spirit realm and confirmed with me about what Baby said. I feel so happy and greatful for Akshaya’s help! I cant wait to see Baby’s return this year!

Shirley Tjandra Singapore

Akshaya V Kawle…She is a magician..Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful world. Her way of explaining various aspects of communication with our pets, the way she conducts the workshop are simply amazing. Would highly recommend Pet And Animal Communication By Akshaya!!! There is more I would like to write but I would always suggest that be a part of her workshop and experience it.

Sneha BhosalePune

I am very pleased and thankful to Akshaya for being the medium to communicate with my child/my dog. I went from hopelessly scared and worried for my pet to happy and faithful after getting answers to all my apprehensions, specially after loosing my other dog few days back. This is great channel to connect with your my pet, I wish I had discovered this earlier.

Nisha ShettyMumbai

This woman is so genuine and caring, and she goes above and beyond to find answers.

Rita BrucheAustralia

God forbid, if your pet ever does go missing, Akshaya will be your best bet. I was initially skeptical, but trust me she is excellent. Her unwavering support, leads and inputs were invaluable and spot-on, which ultimately brought Wendy back to us. We can’t thank her enough.

Sheela Goveas Mumbai (Vasai)

I wasn’t confident enough to persuade this amazing art further but thanks to Akshaya she made me believe in myself and helped me through this journey!! i would highly recommend for you to take her amazing workshops. Thank you Akshaya for being such an awesome mentor to me.

Varsha MohiteMumbai (Bandra)

I lost my pets, two of them due to old age and found it difficult to come to terms with my loss. In this class I learnt how to communicate with interspecies and by doing that got closure. This is real time communication and you don’t have to be a supernatural being or an old monk to be able to do that. The only quality you need is acceptance and Akshaya taught us that. This session would be recommended by me to all animal/bird lovers who want to have a better relationship with them.

Aarti J MishraMumbai (Bandra)

Here is a List of Services I Offer


Wish to know more about your animals from them? We can fix up a consultation where you can ask your animals specific questions, or even just have a general conversation with them. Our animals just love to talk to us, provided we are willing to listen. I need a solo photograph of your animal, their name, age, and gender with a list of five questions (not mandatory). There are two options to choose from:
1.Telephonic consultation: An hour-long phone call between you, your pets, and me. You ask them questions and I answer on their behalf. You can also be a part of the conversation and get an experience of telepathic communication. Can be done for up to four animals.
2.WhatsApp/E-mail Consultation: The complete conversation with your animal is sent to you via email or WhatsApp message.


Two full-day workshop to learn the art and science of Inter-Species Telepathic Communication. Learn how it works, have conversations with animals, learn more about behavioral issues, communicating with missing animals, as well as animals who have passed, and much more.

After the two days workshop, we have a dedicated closed practise group where a new case is posted everyday for a month so that the communicators to hone their skills. Feedback is given on each of the communications to help new communicators become more confident and deal with self doubt. This is an important step to continue the telepathic communication journey.

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Online Courses

I offer short online courses and longer mentoring courses online or via telephone so that you can learn Telepathic Communication in the comfort of your home, and at your convenient pace.

The short courses are usually of two hours and cover a single topic in each individual session. We begin with Introduction to Telepathic Communication, and then you may choose to enroll in any of the scheduled short courses on the subject of your choice, such as behavioral issues, lost animals, etc.

The one to one mentoring course is of sixteen hours and includes me coaching you through eight sessions of two hours each, or as you’d choose to schedule them according to your convenience and pace. To know the details of our courses, get in touch now!

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Disclaimer: Akshaya does not accept any liability, whether directly or indirectly for your choices, thoughts and/or actions based on your requested communication. For legal purposes, it is binding to state that telepathic communication is for recreational purposes only.